Pennsylvania West Virginia CNG Fueling Station Map

Image by Jeff Big Daddy Gould

Every year more and more LP and CNG stations are brought on line.

These maps show each of the current locations of public CNG and LP stations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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Interested in converting your vehicle to alternative fuels

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Compressed Natural Gas and Liquid Propane provide a significant cost savings over gasoline.

See how Jeff's Performance Plus can convert your vehicle to an alternative Fuel.

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Our full line of accessories.

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Over 3000 parts and accessories for most any make and model of car or truck.

check out our full line of automotive accessories. We offer a great selection and are competative with both, other suppliers local suppliers and the internet.

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Jeff's Performance was established in 2006 By Jeff and Ashley Corcetti in Shippenville PA. It was designed to be a full service vehicle maintenace and repair center. In 2013 our 2nd location was established Clarksburg WV. 

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Friends and Clients

We have done well over 200 conversions for a host of companies and individuals.

We specialize in fleet services. Antero resources, Seneca Resources, and Thrasher Engineering are just a few of our customers.

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Click the images to get a clear description of CNG and LP and the differences.

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System Suppliers

We provide a wide variety of systems for a wide variety of vehicles.

  • NatGasCar
  • AGA Systems
  • Landi Renzo
  • Impco

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Who We Are

Jeff's Performance Plus was founded in 2005 in Shippenville Pennsylvania by Jeff and Ashley Corcetti. Since that time it has grown steadily. Through the last 10 years our offering of services has more than trippled. In 2013 our second location opened in Clarksburg WV. We have serveral partners in conversions and now offer a full line of automotive services. 


We work with many fleet managers. We strive for excellence in our work. Hear what some of our customers have to say about Jeff's Performance